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Happy Party (Año 2015):

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Are you ready to have a Happy Party? I hope so, but you'll need to blow out the right candles in order to be happiest in the end.

Each player starts with four face-down tokens in front of them, and they need to fill the four spaces on their personal gift board in order to win.

On a turn, a player rolls the two dice, then tries to blow down candles on the cake that match what's shown on the dice. If they don't, whether by not blowing down enough candles or by blowing down the wrong ones, their turn ends. If they blow down the right candles, they can reveal tokens in front of themselves or other players, and if those tokens match the images on their gift board, they claim that gift.

The first player to fill their gift board wins!

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De 2 a 4




Marie Fort

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